Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Wander Through The Garden

While the sun was shining I took the opportunity to wander around the garden - camera in hand this time instead of a cup of tea! The productive aspects of the garden are developing nicely. Most of the fruit trees are only a few years old so are only just beginning to produce fruit but it looks like this year's crop will be a good one.

This year I'll get the fruit off the apricot trees a little early as last year a large proportion of the crop exploded in the humidity - they were still tasty though.

This is the second year of flowers on the avocado. Fingers crossed for fruit this year.

The birds enjoyed the cherries last year - this year we will! I'll be netting the tree!!!

There are always loads of lemons on the two ancient trees in our yard.

Plenty of blossom on the dwarf Imperial Mandarin.


Hopefully we'll see a nice first crop off the Packham pear.

The strawberries are still producing... this is their fourth year!
If all this potential abundance comes to fruition, it will mean a busy time in the kitchen preserving a wonderful harvest. And, hopefully plenty to give away, too!

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