Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Rural Renovation - On a Budget

After a busy week of work, home and garden a little bit of inspiration can really set you up for the coming week.

This home is in the Peak District (UK) and has been renovated on a budget. Definitely a 'Frugalista' at work! You can read more about their story here at Period Living - which also happens to be one of my favourite magazines.

I think I might need a bigger table beside my favourite chair...

It's good to see 'real' curtains slung by the French doors. These ones look solid enough to keep out either an English winter or an Australian summer without appearing heavy.

I really like the freshness of these interiors. You almost expect a 200 year old stone house to be a bit dark and drab inside. Obviously, this one was orientated in such a way to grab every ray of sunshine.

It must be very tough leaving this home to go to work...

Have a great week!

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