Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing Riley

A couple of weeks ago, the latest member of our household arrived.
Riley - Life's tough!
His name is Riley. He's now 11 weeks old and as anyone who's ever had any experience with kittens knows, when he's not fast asleep; he's a total lunatic.

Riley - The paper was like this when I found it... honest!
He's also firmly entrenched in our lives and our hearts.

Riley was one of the lucky ones. Most of his litter mates were unable to find homes and went to the local animal welfare centre and inevitably, were euthanised. I will never understand why people neglect to get their pets de-sexed. 


  1. Awe so cute. Enjoy the new addition to your family. Kittens are wonderful creatures full of energy and antics.
    We are still missing our furry friend Bruce Lee but do have his brother here to love.

  2. Thanks Lori.

    He's fit in beautifully and even the elder two have gracefully accepted his presence... Most of the time!